Forest with mossy ground

Is My Tree Safe?

The safety of trees can cause concern, especially when accounts of trees being damaged in storms hit the headlines. Whilst it is difficult to plan for such extremes, routine inspections can identify when a tree is in decline or becoming unsafe. In such situations, we can provide independent and impartial advice. Principal consultant Mark Chester is a Lantra accredited Professional Tree Inspector.


Does My Tree Need Pruning?

Pruning trees can be a surprising art. Whilst some species of trees can respond to regular pruning, such as crown reductions, for other trees, this can be detrimental, and may even kill the tree. Inappropriate pruning can result in vigorous re-growth, which is not helpful to the tree, and generates extra work for you. We can provide independent and impartial advice, and help to ensure that you get to enjoy your tree. And when its time has come, we can advice on what to replace it with.



Tree Advice Case Study

When Mr. H cut down some conifers on his boundary, having checked with his neighbour that this was acceptable, little did he realise the problems this would cause him. Later on, his neighbour’s widow realised that the trees had been on her land. She sought significant compensation, presumably to replace the conifers. A quotation for supply and planting of replacement trees was presented to Mr. H. It was substantial. He sought guidance to enable an informed response. We identified that the proposed replacements were more substantial that the trees removed. Indeed, the proposed replacements would have needed a crane to lift them in to their new positions, and the site could not accommodate this.


We provided Mr. H. with a detailed expert report, to enable him to make an informed defence, and supported him during mediation. Using the CTLA Replacement Tree Method, we identified that the trees could be replaced for considerably less than was being sought, and the claim was unreasonable. This including appraising the condition of the trees that had been removed; the new trees would improve the situation considerably, which was not a proportionate outcome if it was at Mr. H’s expense.