When Mr. Collins acquired a redundant hospital site, planning to regenerate it, he hadn’t even heard of a BS5837 report and the issue of trees wasn’t a factor being considered. However, not only is the site within a Conservation Area, but some of the trees are subject to a Tree Preservation Order, and could not be removed without the permission of the local authority. Whilst many of the trees are of little amenity value, some are valuable and the regeneration needs to be designed to accommodate their retention. In addition, conservation issues such as bats, and landscape heritage, need to be factored in to the proposal.

We arranged for the trees to be surveyed, so that the architects could provide informed plans, and guided Mr. Collins as he negotiated with the local authority seeking approval for his prestigious plans. This has included aspects of design to ensure a quality environment for future residents. And we produced a detailed BS5837 report to accompany the planning application