Constraints Plans are part of tree reports written to BS5837:2012.  They inform the planning process of what trees are present and how suitable they are for retention within a development setting.

The Impact Assessment (full title is Arboricultural Impact Assessment) is part of a tree report written to BS5837:2012.  This informs the planning process.  It identifies which trees are present on a site, and how a proposed development could affect them.  This then progresses to which trees are to be retained or removed and how those being retained shall be protected during works.

There may be trees on neighbouring land that could be affected.  If there really are no trees present, you may need a report to emphasise this.

Firstly, if they are indeed not affected, you are providing this assurance.  There may be practical elements that are not apparent at the design stage which the report can inform.  I recently produced a report for a site where the architect hadn’t appreciated that temporary access would be needed for part of the construction process, and this was close to a neighbouring tree.  Other issues can include timing of operations and where building materials are to be stored.

Before starting, it makes sense to check if there are any conditions that you need to fulfil.  Do you need any surveys or reports doing? Matters such as landscaping are often dealt with after an application has been approved, but they still matter and not getting them approved can lead to enforcement action.

Conditions are important, and sometimes a developer is asked to undertake measures that are unreasonable.  You may need a technical report and guidance on how to proceed.  You may also need to appeal against specific elements.

You will have a few days during which you can formally object to the Order.  You should commission a technical report on why you do not consider the Order to be appropriate.

It is possible to review technical reports submitted with the application to see if this is the case.  You may wish to commission your own report to inform the planners.

Trees are important in the landscape.  The tree may be unsafe, but there are various options that can be explored.  We recommend getting an informed opinion by an arborist with technical expertise.  The team at Tree Consultants.org are all trained and qualified in providing informed tree safety inspections.

The Home Buyer (Tree) Mortgage report is a specific document which requires the author to have had training and understand exactly what is required.  It is easy to commission a report that does not help the situation.

The courts follow a strict protocol with action, and with reports.  It is easy to have a case collapse when a poorly worded report is submitted.

There are a range of methods available. Please get in touch so we can advise you once we have more details

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