Forest with mossy ground

Site Survey by an Arborist

We perform tree surveys for many reasons. A site survey may be requested for a planning application, and the trees on site need to be assessed. Trees on a site may need to be valued for amenity purposes or insurance claims. A building plot or development site will benefit from a tree survey from a professional arborist to ensure trees of value are retained during development.

What Does a Tree Survey Involve?

A site visit is an ideal place to start, to allow our arboricultural consultant to make an assessment of the size and scope of the survey.

Tree Identification & Mapping

All the trees that are to be included in the tree survey will be tagged for repeat identification. Depending on the size of the survey, our arborist may use GPS mapping to tag and plot the trees throughout the site.

Tree Data

Each tree is measured and examined to provide information on age, vigour and life expectancy. The crown is measured and recorded to enable the root area to be calculated. The data collected enables our arborist to assign a retention category to each tree. Retention categories are controlled by Brisitsh Standards to allow a standardised system of appraisal to be applied to the trees, and can dictate which trees are worth keeping or should be removed.

Tree Survey Report

Once all the data has been collected we will prepare the report of the survey. This includes all the data we collected at the site visits, plus the results of the calculations made based on that data. The report can be submitted with a dashboard of the important data to make it immediately clear what assets are present on site.

Site Development Case Study

Mrs. L has been trying to deal with the challenges that can be faced when dealing with a home that has been owned by a relative but is now vacant. She was seeking to get permission to convert derelict outbuildings of the listed manor house which needs considerable renovation, and has gardens containing overgrown trees and shrubs. The local authority then requested a survey of trees within the gardens and a landscape scheme to reassure that the setting would not be affected. We were able to provide this, liaising with the local authority to ensure a quality landscape scheme and proportionate tree retention. Permissions have been secured and the project is now progressing.