Forest with mossy ground

Tree Preservation Orders

Tree preservation orders are applied by local authorities to protect trees deemed to be valuable to the environment. The trees are protected against removal and pruning. All maintenance work must be approved by the local authority and performed by accredited experts.

Appealing A TPO

If you wish to appeal against a TPO, or submit a request to undertake work on a protected tree, you should get advice from a tree expert. Cedarwood Tree Care arborists can provide support if you find yourself restriced by a tree preservation order.

TPO Breach

If you find yourself in breach of a TPO, Cedarwood Tree Care can help. Local authority may attempt court action to persue damages after breaching a TPO. You will need the advice and support of a qualified arborist to help you avoid expensive litigation. Get in touch to see how Cedarwood Tree Care can help you

TPO Case Study

“I had two protected Lime trees in my garden, one of them was overwhelming my home. With a detailed technical report to support an application, Cedarwood Tree Care helped me to get permission to manage the trees. This included replacing one with a more appropriate specimen in a new position.” Mr. L