Forest with mossy ground

What’s a Tree Worth?

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, and maybe ‘they’re’ right. However, trees do have a value. People often prefer to live in tree-lined avenues and a walk in a woodland can do wonders for stress-relief. We can ‘value’ and ‘appreciate’ trees, but can this be measured in monetary terms? Actually, it can. The Council for Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) provides a range of methods for valuing trees, depending on the situation. One of these is to assess what it would cost to replace a tree, which may include removing the original, planting the replacement and maintaining it post-planting for several years.

When Would I Need a Tree Valuation?

Tree valuations can be useful if a tree has been damaged in a boundary dispute, an insurance claim, or in connection with a planning application. It may also help with an application for installing a driveway over a footpath. The methodology that we use is defendable, and proportionate, and can enable you to get realistic recompense.

Tree Valuation Case Study

When Miss A. Agreed for her local utility provider to undertake some light pruning of a Yew tree in her garden, this was what she expected. A misunderstanding regarding the brief (prune to 2m clear) resulted in branches being pruned to 2m from the trunk, rather than from the overhead power line. As this looked awful, these branches were then cut back to the trunk, resulting in about one-third of the tree being removed-from one side. Miss A had no idea how to value this damage. We helped, using the CTLA Replacement Tree Method, writing a detailed Expert Report and enabling her solicitor to pursue an informed claim for damages.