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Expert Witness reports

The expert witness report is a specific document requiring an informed author working to the etiquette of CPR 35.  Our Principal Consultant Mark Chester is an accredited expert witness (CUEW).  He is experienced in: Trees and boundaries, Trees and damage to property, Trees and Personal Injury Claims, Trees and insurance claims, Tree Preservation Orders, Trees & Planning, damage to trees.  He works with solicitors, insurers, loss adjustors, claimants, defendants and Single Joint Expert.

‘Mark was calm under pressure’ ‘Mark produced an excellent report with an informed summary’ ’Mark was eloquent, calm and assured’.

Land owner

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Whether you run resident’s management company or own many acres, you have a Duty of Care to others to ensure trees on your land are safe.  This can seem daunting.  We can work with you to ensure that you are informed.  If your trees are safe, rest assured.  If work is needed, we identify a schedule with priorities, so you can budget accordingly.  We call it the Tree MoT

‘Mark was calm under pressure’ ‘Mark produced an excellent report with an informed summary’ ’Mark was eloquent, calm and assured’.


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Trees can present challenges to a development, even when they are not on the site!  Sometimes, the challenges are real, sometimes it just seems that way as an applicant is required to demonstrate that their proposals will not cause any harm.  From planning feasibility to measures to mitigate, identifying which trees are worth retaining to resolving conditions of approval, we are here to help you on the journey, producing tree reports to BS5837:2012 as required.

Home owners

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Trees can be a great asset to a property, or present problems.  Whether preparing to sell, buy or just seeking reassurance that your home is safe, we can help.  Reports for mortgages, insurance, reassurance and also for Tree Preservation Order consents.  For your free initial consultation please get in touch.

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Tree Report | Planning Report | BS5837:2012 | Tree Constraints Plan | Tree Method Statement | Arboricultural Method Statement | Mortgage Report | Home Buyer Report | Tree Safety | Tree Expert | Boundary Dispute | Invading Roots | Tree Failure | Tree Condition | Tree Health | Landscape Plan | Tree Protection Plan | Tree Protection | Tree Preservation Order | Tree Conservation Area | Expert Witness | Court Report | Feasibility | Tree Survey | Valuing Trees | Planning Enforcement

Do You Need a Tree Report from a Qualified Arborist?

We are a practice of tree consultants who provide technical advice and support for a range of situations.

We provide help and support with planning permission applications, BS5837:2012 tree reports, tree expert witness services, and Tree Preservation Order disputes. We also provide a large number of additional services for people encountering tree problems or in need of tree advice, including mortgage reports and insurance reports for trees and site development surveys for building sites with trees.

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