Tree condition assessments (MOT)

Tree MOT

Most trees are safe.  Some are not.  It is important to know whether the trees you are responsible for are safe, so you can take appropriate action.  Landowners have a Duty of Care to visitors to their land, and those around.

Our tree condition assessment is a survey that identifies safety concerns and whether work is needed.

Safety issues are not always obvious.  A tree can be safe but still need attention, such as:

  • low-growing branches
  • branches in guttering which can cause problems such as damp.


Where work is required, this is clearly explained, including the degree of urgency.  The assessment will inform any work undertaken by the contractor.

The assessments are undertaken by a qualified and experienced arborist who works independently of the contractors doing the tree work, so you have the reassurance that only necessary works are specified.

The assessors are qualified to the Lantra Professional Tree Inspector appraisal and/or the ISA TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) methodology.  We also work to the VTA (Visual Tree Assessment) methodology

Our assessment is a bit like an MoT for your trees: where if work is needed, it is specified.  If not, you get reliable assurance and peace of mind.

Be informed, be safe.