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31 May

The Home Buyer report

The Home Buyer report….be informed.

As costs rise, and the process of purchasing a property becomes more challenging, many are tempted to avoid additional costs, such as having trees surveyed before completing the purchase.  I appreciate this.  However, being informed can save money and help to avoid problems.  I recently surveyed trees for someone who had only moved in weeks earlier.  The presence of dead branches on the driveway persuaded the client to have a survey done.  They called me for a quote……and I asked, as I often do, how many trees there were within the grounds.  16, 17, 18. 19 they counted, looking out of the window.  It was apparent when I arrived on site that the new home owner was still assessing their new residence…….there were more than 20 trees on the driveway alone!    Many of the trees were in decline, with two dozen identified for priority one work (within the next three months).  The bill for this work was nearly £10,000.  Had I been commissioned before completion of the sale, they might have been able to negotiate on the price.

At the other end of the scale, a client requested the survey BEFORE completing…..because the structural survey identified that a mature oak nearby might affect the structure.  A passing comment as I was instructed, ‘I’m not worried about the tree, because I plan to fell it once I have moved in’.  When I arrived on site, I sensed that the tree might be a long-term feature, it being a substantial and visually prominent tree, ideally suited to a Tree Preservation Order.  My enquiries soon confirmed this.  I don’t know  how matters progressed, but at least the client was able to proceed informed.

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