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30 May

What makes a defendable tree survey?

One of my colleagues asked me to look at a tree survey a client had commissioned……the colleague wasn’t sure how reliable the data was.  The surveyor had listed a programme of work, with priorities of High, Medium and Low, with no re-inspection dates.  But without timescales….to show how urgent ‘urgent’ was.  For me, ‘urgent’ means ‘action within the next three months’.  It could be ‘six months’ but a timescale is needed.  I looked at the survey more closely and suggested that the client may need to have it updated.  It involves hundreds of trees, many listed for ‘medium priority’   Action points need to be proportionate and informed, and my colleague wasn’t sure if he was expected to action pruning 100 trees within the current year, next year or as funds permit.  As for the client trying to budget…..

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