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10 May

Trees: Be Informed!

Do you live in a property where the grounds are managed by a management company?  If you do, the chances are that they deal with maintenance issues.  Sometimes, a professional company is involved, sometimes it is the residents who deal with issues.  The Duty of Care with reference to trees is different for a private resident compared to a property with a management company.  I shall never forget a meeting I had some years ago with a barrister involved with a claim.  A tree in a garden had split in two, part landing on the busy road beyond, causing an on-going car to swerve and crash.  The driver was making a claim.  The barrister explained that if the tree had been in a private garden, there would be little basis for a claim.  HOWEVER, because the garden was the communal grounds of a development of apartments, run by a management company, this was a corporate issue, and the claim had merit.

Trees: Be Informed!

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