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01 May

Where to start?

A client called yesterday, seeking advice.  The client is responsible for hundreds of trees on a road frontage.  It seems daunting.  What if one of the trees falls on to the road?  The starting point is the audit.  I walk the site and look at the trees, ideally with a 360* walk around each.  I check the condition of each, vigour of foliage, signs of wounds, fungus, etc.  The tree has a story, it is called The Body Language’.  Looking at the tree, I can assess its condition, and make recommendations.  I make a list of each tree and any works needed.  Some may be needed for safety, other work is simply a good idea.  I prioritise works depending on urgency.  With this information, I develop a list of all of the trees, highlighting the programme of works.  The next visit will be informed, I will know where the issues are.   I highlight any trees needing a detailed re-inspection.  For a road frontage, an annual or biennual inspection is likely to be needed.

The great thing for the client is that they now know where the issues are, and have fulfilled the first part of their Duty of Care.  Providing they implement the programme of works, at least the priority part, they now have a defendable system in place.

BTW, I have 25 years of experience in managing trees.  I have academic credentials to level six and specific training in Tree Risk Assessments.  That helps.  And I have Professional Indemnity Insurance.  In case.

And the client?  Peace of mind.  That is priceless!

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